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About Mary HeissBorn in Pennsylvania and raised in Orange County California, Mary wanted to write; poetry and plays mostly.  After a grade school stage role, she added acting to the list.


She graduated from Garden Grove High School and spent a semester at Fullerton JC.  Her many jobs include (but are not limited to),  making submarine sandwiches, department store clerk, used car salesperson, printer, office manager and bookkeeper at a recording studio.


In 1975 she moved to Hollywood, seeking a career in the creative process; primarily writing and acting in situation comedies.  She filled her days with acting classes and trying to get an agent, and her nights with dreams of being a working actor.


She studied acting and voiceover with Bob Shannon in Lake Forest and in Los Angeles she studied Improv with the Groundlings, acting with David Lehman (2 years) and Sal Dano (1-1/2 years), and countless workshops and seminars.  She worked for 15 years on ER as a standin with a small recurring role as a nurse.  Last year she studied commercial technique with Carolyne Barry.


So now, Mary is dusting off her dreams and working toward that “working actor” status once again.


Mary Heiss ActorAs her friend Susie says  “She’s got talent, enthusiasm, comprehension, reliability, intelligence, humor and a thick coat of  Teflon, which lets the

s_ _ _  roll off !”


When you get to know her, you will agree.





Quick study

Team player


Wry sense of humor

Problem solver

Detail oriented








Crafting (Scrapbooks-Cards)




Southern dialects


Trivia Buff

Skin Care/Anti-Aging Consultant

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